Riverside Rising, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Mississippi in May 2015. The non-profit organization has a Board of Directors consisting of:

  • Jack Coleman, Chair
  • Elizabeth Coleman, Board Member
  • Board Member – To Be Determined

In the first year of operations, Riverside Rising will hire a program manager, an administrative assistant, and contractual staff to carry out the day-to-day operations and programs of the non-profit.

The Mississippi Delta is a region where people and businesses can grow and thrive because they have access to economic opportunities, cultural experiences, and healthy lifestyles.

Riverside Rising, Inc. will advance Bolivar, Coahoma, Sunflower & Washington counties through innovative approaches that address skills development, business development, cultural heritage, and health & well-being to improve the quality of place and life.

Riverside Rising will focus its efforts on addressing three key areas:

Workforce and Business Development

Train the next generation of the workforce for high demand jobs such as software development

Prepare middle and high school students for adulthood by providing practical classes that teach life skills such as financial literacy

Develop a business incubator within 5 years to support and foster the creation of new businesses

Arts and Culture

Provide meaningful opportunities for people to learn about the history of the Mississippi Delta, with emphasis on the Mississippi River explorers and the first African American to be elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate

Host an artist-in-residence program to invite visual artists from around the world to experience the Mississippi Delta, produce and display visual art, and teach classes

Parks and Recreation, with an emphasis on health and wellness

Create opportunities for people to lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise and outdoor recreation

Develop a unique system of walking, jogging, and biking trails

The co-founders of Riverside Rising firmly believe investing in Rosedale is not enough to change the economic vitality of the Mississippi Delta. Once the project concepts are implemented in Rosedale, Riverside Rising will expand its impact to four counties including:

Population (2010): 35,063

Cities: Cleveland, Rosedale, Mound Bayou, Shaw, Shelby

Median Household Income: $26,005

Race/Ethnicity: 65.8% Black or African American, 32.8% White, 0.5% Hispanic or Latino

Population (2010): 26,151

Cities: Clarksdale

Median Household Income: $28,728

Race/Ethnicity: 75.5% Black or African American, 22.9% White, 1.1% Hispanic or Latino

Population (2010): 29,450

Cities: Indianola, Drew, Moorhead, Ruleville

Median Household Income: $28,556

Race/Ethnicity: 72.9% Black or African American, 25.4% White, 1.4% Hispanic or Latino

Population (2010): 51,137

Cities: Greenville, Hollandale, Leland

Median Household Income: $32,370

Race/Ethnicity: 71.3% Black or African American, 27% White, 1% Hispanic or Latino

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